The musicians

In just over a decade, more than thirty bands and over a hundred and forty artists have already performed at Puym’Jazz of which most of them are known to the public and even more to the jazz lovers.

Find or discover again all these bands and musicians:

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Looking forward quartet et Cat & the mint
Quinte quintet et Louis prima forever
Sat trio et Nirek mokar & boogie messengers

Looking forward quartet

This quartet revives the 1960s when jazz opened up to world music and Afro-American cultures experienced a liberating development. Influences blend together for our listening pleasure.

Tenor Saxophone: Grat Martinez Vendays
Piano: Claire Jamet
Bass: Alban Michaud
Drums: Pierre Lavergne

Cat & the mint

A new European revelation, the charismatic young German with a uniquely recognizable voice – Cat Lee King – is accompanied by the crème de la crème of French rhythm’n’blues – The Mint. Together, they passionately perform a repertoire heavily influenced by the music of the 1940s and 1950s.

Cat Lee King’s radiant stage presence, his talents as a pianist and singer, and the stellar team surrounding him literally fascinate the audience. With a piano style inherited from Nat King Cole, Ray Charles, and Amos Milburn, and his gravelly “Blues Shouter” voice, he brings the great names of this music back to life. His repertoire spans from the most rootsy blues to the wildest rock’n’roll, including swing numbers with sharp and lightning-fast riffs.

Vocals & Piano: Cat Lee King
Tenor Saxophone: Mathias Luszpinski
Baritone Saxophone: François Sabin
Double Bass: Stéphane Barral
Drums: Simon Boyer

Quinte quintet

A quintet recently formed by friends studying at the Agen Conservatory, the Quinte Quintet revisits songs from the 1930s that have become standards in the jazz repertoire.

Vocals: Noémie Wahl
Guitar: Aymeric Buty
Piano: Simon Garcia
Double Bass: Blaise Michaut
Drums: Eduardo Vieira

Louis prima forever

Stéphane Roger and his ensemble of 8 musicians present a tribute to Louis Prima, the American jazz singer, songwriter, and trumpeter.

This will be an opportunity to hear all the hits again, from “Just a Gigolo” to “Buona Sera,” “Jump Jive and Wail,” “Sing Sing Sing,” “The Jungle Book,” and of course the famous duets “Nothing’s Too Good for My Baby” and “Sentimental Journey.”

Drums: Stéphane Roger
Vocals: Pauline Atlan
Trombone and Vocals: Patrick Bacqueville
Tenor Saxophone and Vocals: Claude Braud
Trumpet and Vocals: Michel Bonnet
Guitar: Nicolas Peslier
Piano: Fabien Saussaye
Double Bass: Enzo Mucci

Sat trio

The SAT trio was born from the friendship between Vince Clarke, an English drummer, and Marc Dugardin, a guitarist. It is with François Mary’s double bass that the trio finds its dimension, the expected balance, and harmony.

Their joy of performing together in concerts is connected to the delight of playing around the three main elements: improvisation, freedom, and listening to each other to interact in a continuous dialogue.

Nirek mokar and his boogie messengers

Nirek Mokar is a young Parisian, 20 years old, and already a serious Boogie Woogie pianist. At the age of 10, he started learning on his own on the piano at the Paris Boogie Speakeasy where his father worked. With a surprising maturity and exceptional swing, he quickly became the darling of Boogie Woogie enthusiasts all over Paris and many other scenes.

In April 2020, he released his new CD with his Boogie Messengers! The repertoire mixes original compositions and unique covers! In the end, it’s a real band where seasoned swingers support and highlight the talent of the new French Boogie Woogie prodigy. This concert is an ideal musical performance for dancers.

Piano: Nirek Mokar
Tenor Sax: Claude Braud
Drums: Guillaume Nouaux
Guitar: Stan-Noubard Pacha
Double Bass: Nicolas Dubouchet.


Jazzmagnac et les Fils Canouche
Jimmy Chambert Quartet et Am Ketenes
Mango Swing et La Suite Wilson


Jean-Claude Escale : Washboard
Jean-Pierre Laguerre : Clarinette
Claude Dubois : Trompette, chant
Philippe Loiret : Banjo
Marc Pannetier : Tuba
Yves Lumaniti : Trombone
Jacques Gauthé : Clarinette


Yaya Combo (apéritif et 1ère partie) et Sheik of Swing (2ème partie)
Agen Jazz Trio (1ère partie) et Matthieu Chazarenc (2ème partie)
Satchmo Gumbo


Les Wonder Brass Band  Les Sophisticated Ladies
Certains l'aiment chaud
Las Gabachas de la cumbia


Los Manchos de la Mancha
Jean-Michel Cabrol 4tet
La grande nuit manouche


White Chocolate Drops
Zebulon Boogie Project
Brass Messengers et Gead Mulheran


Hippocampus Jass Gang
Latin Jazz Manouche Concept
Olivier Franc et son quintet


Culinaro jazz band
Flying home
Cherry swing


Mandy Gaines et le trio de Nicola Sabato
More Time Papa Orchestra


Clarinet Unlimited
Triple Scotch Trio
Daniel Huck joue avec Jazzmagnac


Le Swing Society
Zap in Jazz
Swing de Poche


Cécile McLorin-Salvant et Jean-François Bonnel Quintet
Jazz à Bichon sextet
Julien Bruneteaud Trio


Les Oignons
Thierry Ollé Tri
Mississippi Jazz Band
Hot Antic Jazz Band


Florence Fourcade Quartet
Nadia Cambours et Paul Chéron Sextet


Jazz Chamber Orchestra
Gilda Solve et le Trio Patrice Galas


Swing Time Quartet
Irakli et les Luis Ambassadors Sextet


Stars of Swing
Marc Laferrière Quintet


Michel Pastre et son Quartet
Dominique Burucoa et Just Friends


Flora Estel et Hot Pepino
Latcho Drom


Matthieu Chazarenc Quartet