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Catering on the Place des Cornières starting from 6:30 PM with various providers

On July 17, 18, 19
Good Duck & Co: 07 85 14 95 49
Hang'ART Bus: 06 08 69 97 50
JAVA (Indonesian cuisine): 06 89 75 21 12
Restaurant Le Bastide: 05 53 68 38 59

On July 17 and 19: Mireille Pizza 07 81 18 45 80

A dance floor will allow dancers to showcase their talents.

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Since 2003, Puymirol, a beautiful Bastide in the Lot-et-Garonne region (between Toulouse and Bordeaux), has celebrated jazz with its open-air festival.

An idyllic setting

Overlooking the ramparts and the parapet walk, the Citadel Esplanade welcomes renowned artists year after year for diverse concerts in a friendly and warm atmosphere. It's a feast for the eyes, discovering this picturesque location, and for the ears, enjoying the jazz music.

Edito : The Universality of Jazz

I cannot recommend highly enough the memorable columns of the last century penned by Boris Vian, especially in the Jazz Hot magazine.

These writings remain relevant today, and Boris Vian's humor is a rare delight.

Aside from the plantations, mainly cotton, where jazz was born in the southern USA, the slave trade also affected the Caribbean, notably Cuba, which took in a million Africans, companions in misfortune of the first. Forced labor mainly employed them in sugar cane cultivation. There too, a music reminiscent of the rhythms of their lost continent was born. The Danzón would become the father of mambo and salsa. From the two Americas, these sounds would flood into old Europe and the world, enriching the musical universe and humanity.

In France, Django began by accompanying the kings of musette. He infused his brilliant music with that impulse known as swing, while also bringing the nostalgia unique to the "sons of the wind"... and everyone knows the passion I have for this Gypsy jazz.

In a festive chord, Puym'Jazz offers this year a series of concerts showcasing multiple "jazzy" facets. Blues, swing, and Latino are serious ailments that can be treated by listening to "preserves," old vinyls or CDs... but the best cures are, of course, the festivals.

This summer, as usual, Puym'Jazz awaits you!

Jean-Claude Ulian