Schedule and booking July Festival

Outdoors on the Esplanade of the Citadel in Puymirol (with the option to move to the community hall in case of bad weather).

Each evening (July 17, 18, and 19), there are 2 concerts offered:
- a free OFF concert without reservation at 7 PM at Place des Cornières
- a paid IN concert (reservation highly recommended) at 9 PM on the Esplanade of the Citadel

Wednesday, July 17
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Jazz Vibes Quintet at 7 PM OFF
Crawfish Wallet at 9 PM IN

€17 and/or free*
Thursday, July 18
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Quartet Altair Ego at 7 PM OFF
Basilic Swing at 9 PM IN

€17 and/or free*
Friday, July 19
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Paola Vera Trio at 7 PM OFF
Latin Spirit at 9 PM IN

€17 and/or free*
Pack for July 17 - 18 - 19 €42 and/or free*
€42 and/or free*

* Student, job seeker, and under 15 (with proof) discount

OFF: Jazz Vibes Quintet

These five top-notch musicians, two of whom are conservatory professors, adapt Sting’s repertoire into jazz: a great musical delight! The musical arrangements by Jacques Ballue bring a lot of creativity and infectious joy. This opening concert will be pure beauty: not to be missed!

  • Jacques Ballue: Piano
  • Patrice Guillon: Vibraphone
  • Fabien Chouraki: Saxophone
  • Aurélien Gaudy: Double Bass
  • Jean-Patrick Allant: Drums

IN: Crawfish Wallet

This Bordeaux quartet, created in 2017, has become one of the regional references in New Orleans jazz. Their effective arrangements highlight collective improvisation. Crawfish Wallet simmers an authentic swing that transcends boundaries, styles, and eras. It’s a colorful and energizing quartet that delivers a varied repertoire full of depth and emotion.

  • Amandine Cabald Roche: Vocals, Washboard
  • Gaëtan Martin: Trombone
  • Fred Lasnier: Double Bass
  • Jean-Michel Plassan: Banjo

OFF: Quartet Altair Ego

Brought together by friendship and a long-standing passion for music, these four companions sensitively interpret a repertoire that blends original compositions and covers, resulting in a diverse and lively musical experience: Argentine tango, film music, and classical repertoire.

  • Didier Fornt Torres: Accordion
  • Gilbert Lasaygues: Clarinet
  • Jean-Louis Buzenac: Cello
  • Bertrand Hardel: Guitar, Percussion

IN: Basilic Swing

A highlight of the new jazz scene in Marseille, Basilic Swing takes us back to the roots of jazz and the itinerant cultures of Central and Eastern Europe with its repertoire of gypsy jazz, Klezmer, and Tzigane music, all while drawing inspiration from American jazz. This quintet takes us on a journey at the crossroads of genres. It swings hard!

  • David Bergeron: Double Bass
  • Pierre Zeinstra: Guitar
  • Benjamin Marciano: Guitar
  • Frédéric Ladame: Violin
  • Sylvain Congès: Clarinet


OFF: Paola Vera Trio

Paola Vera will perform with a top-class trio, offering a beautiful synergy through the rhythm of double bass and drums, supporting fabulous piano and vocals. The trio subtly interprets the great standards of jazz and bossa jazz.

  • Paola Vera: Vocals-Piano
  • François Mary: Double Bass
  • Jimmy Chambert: Drums

IN: Latin Spirit

In the spirit of the great Afro-Cuban bands of Tito Puente, Poncho Sanchez, and Orlando Maraca, Latin Spirit offers music that fuses the warmth of Latin rhythms with the richness of jazz harmonies. These nine musicians will unleash their energy to make you resonate with the rhythm of the “big island.”

Mayomi Moreno: Vocals
Rodolphe Russo: Flute, backing vocals
François-Xavier de Turenne: Piano
Franck Vogler: Trumpet
Franck Leyméregie: Congas
Michaël Ballue: Trombone
Frédérick Jarry: Timbales, drum set, backing vocals
Benjamin Pellier: Bass
François-Marie Moreau: Sax, backing vocals