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19 / 20 / 21 juillet 2023

À Puymirol (47)
Spectacle gratuit sans réservation le OFF
Spectacle payant avec réservation fortement conseillée le IN
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Last minute infos

IN Concert (paid) at 9pm on the esplanade of the Citadelle, reservation strongly advised.
OFF Concert (free) without reservation at 7pm at Cornières Square during the meal time.

DINING possible at Cornières Square from 7pm with several partners:
The 19/20/21 HangartBus 06 08 69 97 50
The 19/20/21 Restaurant Le Bastide 05 53 68 38 59
The 19 Chez Mireilles Pizzas 07 81 18 45 80
The 20/21 Family Pizzas 06 49 65 63 55
Meal reservation recommended.

To secure the Cornières Square during the OFF concerts and meal time, Royale Street will be closed from 6:30pm to 9:30pm upstream and downstream from the square. A detour will be set up.

NEW: Credit card payment possible

Welcome in Puym'Jazz

Since 2003, Puymirol, a beautiful Lot-et-Garonne Bastide (between Toulouse and Bordeaux), has celebrated jazz during its open-air festival.

An idyllic setting

Overlooking the ramparts and the parapet walk, the Esplanade de la Citadelle welcomes renowned artists year after year for diverse concerts in a friendly and warm atmosphere. It's both a visual pleasure in discovering this picturesque location and an auditory pleasure in appreciating jazz music.



In 2003, the jazz festival was born, supported by the mayor of Puymirol. Since then, the Bastide has been putting on its finery each year to welcome a loyal audience.

The roots of jazz have always had a place here. Successive programs have featured the cream of the crop of French musicians with a predominantly "classic" focus, and have allowed festival-goers to also discover promising young talents over the years. I will not list here all those who have graced the stage, but I will pay tribute to the memory of the "third man," Gilles MENAGE. He brought his help and knowledge with his Guyenne and Quercy music festival, to which Gascogne was added... PUYM'JAZZ was born.

True to its roots, open and friendly, Puym'jazz will continue to enchant the starry nights of the Aquitaine sky for a long time and invites you in 2023 to come and blow out its twenty candles in the company of the volunteers who are eagerly awaiting you!

Jean Claude ULIAN