July 19 20 21 2017
esplanade de la citadelle / puymirol, 47

Welcome to Puym'Jazz

Since 2003, the Bastide of Puymirol has hosted Puym'Jazz, a 3 day tribute to traditional and modern jazz
in the Lot & Garonne.


Come celebrate the 15th annual Puym'Jazz fest, July 19-21, 2017
which promises to be just as exciting and fun as last year's festival 


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A gorgeous setting
Located in between Toulouse and Bordeaux, a country where the sun shines and the gastronomy is rich, Puymirol is a medieval walled-town, also known as bastide. The village is proud of its history of ten centuries which has forged its architecture as well as its rural setting.

The Puym'Jazz evenings are set outdoors, on the former Place de la Citadelle, with a breathtaking view over the valley and right above the path round the battlements 

It is more than one hundred years ago that this music crossed the Atlantic and its universality stands for itself as an artistic major element of the past century.

Ode to Billie with Emily Cole and the WHITE CHOCOLATE DROPS
A swing band that plays popular Jazz songs from the 1930s US. The band is made up of six musicians from the Monpellier scene and Emily Cole, a singer from Chicago.

Zébulon is one boogie-woogie specialist of the European scene. He is accompanied by Laurent Vanhéet on double-bass, young drumer Alban Mourgues and Bruno Texier on saxophone. The efficient complementarity of the quartet regale us with its interpretations in the manner of Fats Waller or Pete Johnson.

A tribute to Frank Sinatra with the BRASS MESSENGERS and Gead MULHERAN
This prestigious band, led by the talented Dominique Rieux and the charismatic singer Gead Mulheran, pays tribute to Frank Sinatra with an adaptation of his greatest hits in the pure tradition of The Count Basie Orchestra : "Fly me to the Moon", "New-York, New-York", "My Way", "Stranger in the Night", "Hello Dolly", ...


Puym'Jazz loves "tookets"

Dear clients, associates of the Crédit Agricole d'Aquitaine,
Puym'Jazz has been accepted to receive your “tookets” !

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Wednesday,the 20th of July at 6 PM, Esplanade de la Citadelle, Opening of Puym'Jazz 14th edition.  

The concerts begin at 9 PM


White Chocolate Drops


Zebulon Boogie Project


Brass Messengers et Gead Mulheran

They performed at Puym'Jazz

The musicians

Jazz Forever - Jazz pour rêver

Beyond fashions, PUYM'JAZZ invites you on the 19th, 20th and 21st of July 2017. At sunset, the Bastide of Puymirol opens to you for the 15th edition of it's festival of "jazz forever". At that hour when the friendliness unites people around a glass or two, some "blue notes" start the night off. Everyone is invited on behalf of a music that suspends time, and is a happy and summery parenthesis for a privileged gathering between spectators and artists. The scenery deserves to be known and waits for you in its simplicity. PUYM'JAZZ makes sure to preserve its authenticity for your pleasure, and we will share it together.

Jazz has extended its universe for the origins to the present day, where you can enjoy pleasure and comfort, but also reflection or simply relaxation. This is the main aim of Puym'Jazz. The taste of "old-fashioned" jazz lends itself admirably to the historic site that is the Esplanade of the old Citadel of Puymirol built in 1575 by Henry IV. But the "blue note" (used by bues and jazz musicians to illustrate both nostalgia and contentment) is timeless and enjoys the expression of eclectic jazz music, as witnessed by the choice of musicians invited by Puym'Jazz 2017.


The organisers wish that our meetings in July, take you away from the excesses of daily life ans as such are open to all. To honour the timeless conviviality in an enchanting setting on beautiful summer nights.


You are all welcome.


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Native from Chicago, Emily Cole evokes the emotions of one of the greatest jazz singers : Billie Holiday. Accompanied by a dream orchestra, emotions rendezvous with swing expertly orchestrated on themes that are today part of posterity. Gilles Berthenet's trumpet, Guillaume Corral's saxophone, Cyril K's piano, Yves Buffetrille's bass, Arnaud Lemeure's drums and Simon Laurent's guitar back up Emily's voice for this tribute to the one called by Lester Yound as Lady Day and whose memory remains alive in the heart of most jazz lover.



Philippe Nicolas is better known by the name of Zébulon ! The boogie woogie flows from his fingers to ignite all the concerts he offers. With him are reborn the wild nights enlivened by the great masters of the genre such as Albert Ammons and Pete Johnson, whom he worships. To accompany him, a solid rhythm combo of Alban Mourgues on drums and Laurent Vanhéet on double-bass while Bruno Texier is on sax and Cathy Nichols on vocals. This devil of Zébulon drags you straight into heaven with a hellish tempo with his piano.


Directed by Dominique Rieux (trumpet), the Brass Messengers bring together Tony Amouroux (trumpet), Christophe Mouly (sax), Rémi Vidal (trombone), Florent Hortal (guitar), André Neufert (drums) and Thierry Ollé (piano). This octet that sounds like a big band accompanies on original arrangements the English singer Gead Mulhéran for a fabulous tribute to "The Voice" (Frank Sinatra). There are just a few themes will help you to choose this evening : "Stranger in the night", "New York New York", "My Way", and so many other standards. A prestigious closing night for the fifteenth anniversary of Puym'Jazz with the seal of swing, of ballad and of conviviality.